Data Collection

IMAGINiT's Facilities Management team understands that building owners work with a wide variety of data. Digital information from engineers and architects is essential for managing work orders and assets. In addition, facilities management data is often integrated with human resources and financial information for managing space. IMAGINiT's Integrated Workplace Management professionals recognize the importance of accurate data - in the world of facilities management, it's all about knowing what you have and using what you know.

IMAGINiT provides several services which verify physical objects through data collection:

  • Field verification and as-built modeling. IMAGINiT teams conduct field investigations and document existing conditions and square footage. This information is then captured in accurate 'as-built' models.

  • Asset management and tracking. It's impossible to manage physical infrastructure, including building assets, without a comprehensive digital repository of information. IMAGINiT professional service experts can develop asset management and tracking systems to support facilities management activities.

  • High definition scanning. This exciting technology has been used in surveying for a long time. Now it is being applied across industries to track spatial information and to create highly accurate as-built documentation.

Deriving the most value from facilities management information comes from actively managing and integrating the data. The first step toward that goal is data collection.

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