Implementation for Facilities Management

IMAGINiT's facilities management implementation services are where everything comes together. Software is implemented and integrated with operations, while end-to-end processes are optimized - resulting in maximum return on investment for organizations.

Thanks to our experience with myriad implementations, IMAGINiT's Facilities Management team understands best practices. They know how facilities managers can support organizational objectives and are skilled at business process consulting.

To deliver success, IMAGINiT typically uses a five-stage approach to implementations. However, we recognize that every project is different so only the stages that are relevant to your needs are pursued:

1. Needs Assessment and Planning. During this phase, IMAGINiT experts sit down with your team to review drawing standards, data sources, hardware and software systems, reporting requirements and members who will need access to the system. We'll look at the overall flow of work today and help the team determine what it should look like once the implementation is complete. 

Common topics covered in an onsite planning session include:

  • Team members' roles and responsibilities.
  • A review of existing processes, procedures and business rules.
  • An evaluation of new or additional processes that are needed to meet the organization's facilities management goals.
  • Definition of the project timeline and schedule.

From this discovery process, a Needs Assessment is created which provides a summary of findings and outlines project recommendations, client responsibilities, and the and the implementation plan. 

2. Installation. During this phase, software is installed on servers and workstations. This work can be done either on-site or remotely. Once a system is installed, it is configured to meet the client's specific needs.

3. Configuration. Common tasks during this phase include modifying the database table structures, creating workflows, integrating the facilities management system with other information systems, modifying the user interface and adding needed reports.

4. Training. IMAGINiT believes in integrating client data and system configurations into training sessions. This 'real life' education approach helps users become familiar with their organization's system. Topics covered are tailored, based on your needs and the training can be held at your site or in one of our training centers.

5. Evaluation and Support. Once the training phase is complete, the IMAGINiT team conducts an overall assessment of the project's success and recommended next steps. If you need additional help, we are just a phone call or email away. Technical support can resolve system errors, end-user problems, system performance questions and more.

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Optimize Facilities Management

Optimize Facilities Management

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