Autodesk Vault Workgroup R2 Essentials
Duration: 02 day(s)
The Autodesk Vault Workgroup Essentials R2 training course expands the Autodesk® Vault Basic functionality to working with document lifecycles and providing knowledge of advanced data organization.

This Autodesk Vault Workgroup training course is intended for users and CAD administrators with Autodesk Vault Basic knowledge desiring to expand their skills to accommodate additional engineering workflows and data organization. This training course focuses on the features of Autodesk Vault Workgroup. Hands-on exercises are included to reinforce lifecycle and revision management. Students are taught how to manage lifecycles, properties, categories, and revisions.

The fundamental topics in this Autodesk Vault Workgroup training course include:

  • Introduction to Autodesk Vault Workgroup
  • Lifecycle States
  • Revision Management
  • Working with Categories
  • Managing Properties
  • Automatic File Naming
  • Creating Reports
  • Sheet Set Manager Integration
  • Copy Design
  • Job Server
  • Vault Revision Tables
  • Backups

Prerequisites for this Autodesk Vault Workgroup training course:

Students should have a good working knowledge of Autodesk CAD programs and have working knowledge of Autodesk Vault Basic features.

Course description shown for Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2015 R2.
Topics, curriculum, and/or prerequisites may change depending on software version.