AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Beyond the Basics
Duration: 02 day(s)
This AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT training course continues on from the topics covered in the AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Essentials training course. It covers more sophisticated techniques that extend your mastery of the software. For example, here you go beyond the basic skill of inserting a block to learning how to create blocks, and beyond the basic skill of using a template to understand the process of setting up a template. You learn skills such as:
  • Using more advanced editing and construction techniques.
  • Adding parametric constraints to objects.
  • Creating local and global blocks.
  • Setting up layers, styles, and templates.
  • Using advanced plotting and publishing options.
The AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Beyond the Basics training course is designed for those using the AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT software with a Windows operating system. This training course is not designed for the AutoCAD for Mac software. This training course is not recommended for users that have completed the AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Fundamentals training course as Beyond the Basics contains the same content.

Prerequisites for this AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT training course:

  • Knowledge of AutoCAD basics as taught in AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT: Essentials, or equivalent experience.
  • A working knowledge of basic design/drafting procedures and terminology.
  • A working knowledge of your operating system.

Note: Course may satisfy your local continuing education engineering and surveying requirements. Check with your state board or provincial organization to verify your requirements.

Course description shown for AutoCAD 2018.
Topics, curriculum, and/or prerequisites may change depending on software version.