Automated Utility Design: Fundamentals for Electric Utilities

This training course is for designer-level users of Automated Utility Design (AUD). AUD is an extension to AutoCAD and AutoCAD Map 3D that focuses on the layout and design of Electric Overhead and Underground, Gas, and Water Distribution components in geographically correct positions. This learning path will center around AUD Electric Overhead and Underground Distribution.

Topics Covered in this Automated Utility Design Training Course:
  • Core concepts and the basics of starting a project in AUD
  • The AUD interface
  • Project implementation and data import
  • Basic AUD layout design
  • Basic overhead design
  • Advanced layout techniques
  • AUD’s analysis functionality using Auto Validate and Auto Resolve
  • Material ordering basics
  • Construction drawings and details
  • 3D visualization using AUD
Prerequisites for this Automated Utility Design Training Course:
  • Access to Automated Utility Design version 8.4, to ensure compatibility with this learning path. Future software updates that are released may include changes that are not reflected in this learning path. Older versions of AUD may differ in available functionality and user interface components from those documented in this learning path.
  • Access to the appropriate AutoCAD Map 3D software version for your version of AUD.
  • Civil 3D Object Enabler must be installed on the computer running AUD.
Course description shown for Automated Utility Design 8.4.
Topics, curriculum, and/or prerequisites may change depending on software version.