AutoCAD Map 3D: Essentials

Please Note: This topic is only available as a Custom Training Course as well as an eLearning course on ProductivityNOW. For more information, contact our sales team.

This AutoCAD Map 3D training course introduces users to drawing-based and geospatial features within the AutoCAD Map 3D software. Users learn about the features and functions of the AutoCAD Map 3D software, including how to create, manage, and map data. The training course covers the fundamental topics of the AutoCAD Map 3D software.

Main topics covered in this AutoCAD Map 3D training:
  • Understand the AutoCAD Map 3D user interface.
  • Create and edit mapping geometry.
  • Link and manage drawing-based attribute data.
  • Use object classification.
  • Connect to geospatial features.
  • Edit geospatial features.
  • Import and export drawing-based data.
  • Work with raster images.
  • Work with source drawings.
  • Use source drawing queries.
  • Stylize drawings and geospatial features.
  • Create Map Books and plot maps.
  • Use Survey Data with AutoCAD Map 3D’s Survey Data Stores.
  • Work with AutoCAD Map 3D’s Industry Models.
Prerequisites for this AutoCAD Map 3D training course:
  • Experience with AutoCAD® or AutoCAD-based products and a sound understanding and knowledge of Mapping and GIS terminology.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft® Windows® software.
Course description shown for AutoCAD Map 3D 2021.
Topics, curriculum, and/or prerequisites may change depending on software version.