Introduction to Vehicle Tracking
Duration: 01 day(s)

This class will provide an Introduction to the Vehicle Tracking module that can be added to Autodesk Civil 3D. Vehicle Tracking software is a comprehensive transportation analysis and design solution for vehicle swept path analysis. This software is also for the use of parking lot layout and roundabout design.

In this Vehicle Tracking class you will learn to:

  • Navigate through the Vehicle Tracking User Interface
  • Navigate the Vehicle Libraries Dialog Box
  • Create and Edit Vehicles
  • Create paths using various options such as Arc and Bearing Mode, or with a Guided Path tool.
  • Run Vertical Clearance to for clash locations
  • Use Design Checks to further analyze the design
  • Create Animations for a full visual of the path
  • Navigate the Parking Standard Explorer
  • Create and Edit Parking Lots – using various row options
  • Navigate the Roundabout Standard Explorer
  • Create Roundabouts with and without Corridor functionality
  • Edit Roundabouts using grips and other commands
  • Create Corridors from Roundabouts

Prerequisites for this Vehicle Tracking class:

Course description shown for Autodesk Civil 3D 2021.
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