ProductivityNOW Flextime

ProductivityNOW Flextime offers hourly blocks of time that can be used for phone, email, and online support.

ProductivityNOW Flextime is a cost-effective way to provide specialized expert support that helps clients maximize their productivity.

Features of ProductivityNOW Flextime:

  • Live access to experts - 12/5 access to our dedicated team of support experts via a toll-free phone number, email, and our website, which features live chat and remote desktop streaming capabilities
  • Access to our online knowledgebase of frequent support questions and answers for troubleshooting issues or file review
  • Ideal option for both IT and software end users
    • IT support usually focuses on software deployment and installation or server-based applications, like data management
    • End-user support typically emphasizes issue resolution or education on a particular function or process

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