ProductivityNOW Flextime

ProductivityNOW Flextime offers hourly blocks of support that can be used for phone, email, and online web-based support. ProductivityNOW Flextime is a cost-effective way to provide specialized expert support to clients to maximize their productivity.

Benefits of ProductivityNOW Flextime:

  • Live access to experts. 12/5 access to our support experts via toll-free phone, email and web with live chat/remote desktop streaming as well as an online knowledge base for troubleshooting issues or file review.
  • Support is available for both IT and software end users. The support needs for IT are usually focused on software deployment and installation or server based applications like data management.  End-user support typically emphasizes issue/education of particular function or process.  IMAGINiT’s technical team has the knowledge and experience to address both sets of users.

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